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The Tumble Jungle Bus, Ltd. payments are due the first week of the month. Both cash and check payments are accepted. Payments that are received after the 15th of the month will receive a $5.00 late fee.
Payments that are not made for 2 months will receive a notice of your child being dismissed from the program. The monthly tuition is based on a 4 week month. Months that have 5 weeks in them are considered a pre-taught class that we use for holiday or inclement weather.
If there is any reason that you are wishing to discontinue the Tumble Jungle Bus cheer or tumbling experience, please contact Miss Jody with a phone call or by e-mail. A 15 day cancellation notice is required for billing purposes.
If for any reason a class is cancelled, a makeup class will be offered. If your child does not attend school the day of the make-up class, you will receive a credit for the missed class

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