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How It Works:

We strive to make sure Tumble Jungle Bus takes minimal time for our directors.
Parents pay us monthly just like any outside program, all we need is a small amount of space for our flyers and payment box. Parents will put their payments in our payment box and communications/collections are done via phone and email. No work for you!

To get started:
1. We drop off informational posters, flyers, and registration forms to all students ages 2 and up.
2. We can schedule an early evening (4:00-6:00pm) where we can bring the bus and park in your lot --kind of like an “Open House” where parents and kids can see the bus and meet our staff (if desired).
3. We schedule a day and time the bus will be coming each week. Our classes run year round and we visit weekly and teach 30 minutes classes. Students are divided by class/age (depending on what students sign up).
4. We add your daycare to our insurance policy.
5. Classes begin! The Tumble Jungle Bus instructors arrive on the specified day and time, gather students who are registered for class, walk them safely to the bus, teach class, and bring them safely back in. Parents and directors may pop in anytime!

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